Who am I ?

I could probably answer to this question in many forms, crossing spiritual and philosophic topics. 

To make it short, I am Quentin born in France in January 1992 and had a loving life with my family and friends during my childhood. 

My Parents had to move from a city to another often. It taught me to adapt to my new environments and to strangers really early. 

After Studying Science and Sport in University, I worked in rehabilitation center for almost two years in Bordeaux. It was a meaningful experience but I was curious to see the world.

And to discover probably, the answer of the question : "Who am I ?". 

Now, after more than four years travelling the globe and evolving myself that I'm happy to share my creativity with others. 

I've passed by many inner challenges and I'm going to greet the next one with gratefulness. I believe that the journey is more beautiful than the success and its what my paintings are all about. 

I'm happy to share here artworks that I've been created with the energy of my emotions while I was painting. I rarely know what to expect from my paintings sessions and this is why I got so much pleasure spreading my feelings on the canvas.