Why Prints on Demand

We live in a world where digital design is predominant. 

It would be a mistake to believe that art is only created with physical materials. The organic dimension of creativity can take form in so many ways and new technologies allow us to transform what once was on a canvas into a beautiful pixelated artwork. 

Prints made available by Le Point have been created by artists that desire to share their art to a bigger public allowing those who likes to acquire a piece for a lower price.

We consider our artworks as prime quality and observe that our price is fair for the awareness that we make available, however our prints on demand give the chance to anyone to collect a piece of art from the brand and support the cell of creativity that we are building today. 

Any of the original artwork will not be available on prints to retain a certain prestige. We understand that hose who purchased the quality of an original from Le Point would like to keep their be-love piece as unique. 

Le Point