The Idea by Quentin Pillet

I believe that creativity is a beautiful tool in the world we live right now. 

Painting is my medium but I am definitely going to explore other topics soon or later. I am a groundbreaker, I need to explore new perspective. I had for a part of my life travelled the world to nourish my spirit and my mind. 

It appears that my artworks can be really different from one to another, while I love it, it has been difficult to pierce on the market. As I just love flowing on my canvas it is hard for me to draw lines and just following a strict idea.

While you can recognise some beautiful piece from artist out there because they follow their style with discipline, I discover that I could let go my soul freely explore my canvas, if my own signature was strong enough to be  recalled. 

I think it would be a shame for me to think I should stay in category or a niche to attract people to my artworks. I also believe that it would bring my creativity down, feeling prisoner in my own jail. 

Le Point has been born and raised as the key of my freedom and independence.